L2TP Connection Guide for Mac OS X 10.5 to 10.8

  1. Click on System Preferences in the apple menu.
  2. Click on the "Network" icon which can be found under "Internet & Network".
  3. At the left hand of the window you see a list of connections. If you have upgraded from a previous version of Mac OS X you might see a connection called "VPN (L2TP)".
  4. Click the brown padlock at the bottom left hand side of the window. You are asked for your administrator account details. The padlock unlocks with a metalic sound.
  5. If there is no existing L2TP connection (indicated by a grey padlock with black and white striping), add one by clicking the "+" button at the bottom left corner of the window. At "Interface:", select "VPN". A select box called "VPN Type" appears. Select "L2TP over IPsec". Enter a name for the L2TP/IPsec connection, such as "VPN (L2TP)".
  6. In the list on the left hand side, click on the newly created L2TP connection.
  7. At the "Configuration" pull-down menu, select "Add Configuration...". Enter a name for the connection that you would to use.
  8. At "Server Address", enter the hostname found on our Network Page
  9. At "Accountname", enter your vpn username.
  10. At "Machine Authentication", enter "hidemynet" as the shared secret.
  11. Leave the "Group Name" blank. It is only used for Cisco style VPNs.
  12. Click "OK" and then click "Apply".
  13. Click "Connect".
  14. You may be asked to enter your Keychain password.
  15. The L2TP/IPsec connection will be set up.