OpenVPN Connection Guide for Windows 7

  1. Download OpenVPN connection file as per below.
  2. Download OpenVPN Client
  3. Download servers connection profiles as below.
  4. Download Servers Connection Profiles
  5. Install the openvpn-client.msi program and run it.
  6. Extract servers.rar in your desktop.
  7. In OpenVPN Client, click on the plus (+) button on the connection profiles.
  8. Now select 'Local Files' and click import.
  9. Link it to the file you extracted in your desktop earlier and click save. (Select the VPN location you wish to connect).
  10. You should now see the VPN location you wish to connect. Right click and click "Connect".
  11. Key in your VPN Username and Password and select "Remember Password".
  12. Congratulation! You should be connected now.
  13. You should save all the VPN servers location to your openvpn client by following step 6 & 7 for your future VPN location preference.
  14. If you have any problem with the connection configuration, be sure to drop by live chat or shoot us an email.